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Management visit during Spring Festival to thank staff adhering to their duties
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Facing the threat of Wuhan pneumonia epidemic in Mainland China and Hong Kong recently, Mr. Frank Lai, the Chief Executive Officer of Dah Chong Hong Holdings, together with the management team visited various business units, including offices, showrooms and DCH Food Mart during the Spring Festival to distribute red packets symbolising a good fortune in the year ahead, more importantly to cheer up for the staff who adhere to their duties. He sincerely thanked all the staff for their concerted efforts to ensure the company's business operation continues to run smoothly.

Dah Chong Hong actively responded to the epidemic prevention and control work, adopted various precautionary measures at the company to ensure the health and safety of employees, and worked together to reduce the risk of epidemic spread in the community. The company promptly initiated a number of measures to respond, including the implementation of flexible work arrangements, the immediate enhancement of defensive supplies and strengthen the cleaning of various departments. In order to reduce the possibility of epidemic spread and protect the health and safety of employees, the company sends protective knowledge guidelines by email to encourage staff to use the remote office mode at home and maintain daily business contacts through communication methods such as voice and video conferencing, reducing business travel to strengthen the epidemic prevention work.

Dah Chong Hong
Dah Chong Hong
Dah Chong Hong

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