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Case Study: Qlik points way ahead for DCH
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Established in 1949 by the founder of Hang Seng Bank, Dah Chong Hong Holdings began as a small food trading company with warehouses in Sheung Wan. Today its operations extend across 12 Asian economies and a wide range of product categories including motor, healthcare, electrical and FMCG products.

With more than 70 years of experience and deep roots across Asia, DCH touches the lives of millions of people every day and its mission is to be the best service provider in the healthcare, food, electrical appliances, and motor industries.

The DCH consumer products business extends across the supply chain and includes the distribution of thousands of household favorites with a network of services spanning the entire supply chain and ensuring the highest levels of traceability, quality control, and product excellence. It is the largest agency distributor in Hong Kong with more than 500 brands of food and FMCG products under the Sims, IMSA and DCH banners.

In mainland China, it operates a food trading and FMCG agency distribution business in more than 200 cities. In Southeast Asia, DCH distributes a balanced portfolio of FMCG products including food, personal care and household goods covering Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and the Philippines.

Building on more than 50 years of service, DCH Auriga has helped its partners bring essential pharmaceutical and life science offerings to Asia. Offering both commercial and logistics solutions, this DCH company has operations in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines. It distributes more than 500 brands through over 10,000 points of sale. Data is the key to better insight With such a widespread operation, DCH realized that it needed to sustain a deep understanding of both its customers and its business. Gaining such insights would help it work  more efficiently today and plan more comprehensively for the future. Data was the key to obtaining this business intelligence and DCH realized that to create a firm basis for the business, it needed to update its Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

DCH wanted to make positive use of its ERP data so, as part of the ERP upgrade project, it sought a new reporting and data analysis solution. Assistant General Manager of Group Information Technology at DCH, Amy Tso Yin Mui says: “Our first requirement was that the solution should be user-friendly because we wanted it to be a self-service tool that would enable people to work on their own and easily obtain the information they need.”

Qlik Sense was the choice for DCH because of the clear, clean design of its comprehensive management dashboard and its ease of use, which would reduce the training burden. “We realized that staff with no IT training or even senior staff would be able to use the tool to search for information and build their own reports,” said Michael Wong, Manager of GIT at DCH. “One of my users had done this kind of reporting with Excel and it could take half a day to produce even a simple report. By using Qlik, we would be able to save time.”

DCH purchased an initial 290 Qlik licenses and plans to add more in the near future. It is now being used to build reports for many different DCH brands and stores in ten countries which include mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Because each country has slightly different configurations of the ERP system, DCH has built a standard data model that can be easily rolled out with new tables and fields added as needed, giving a firm base which makes it quick and simple to add new territories as the group expands.
Data virtualization and analytics specialist, Velocity Business Solutions of Hong Kong, created an architecture and framework for DCH to use Qlik Sense in its Hong Kong office and regional offices. The aim is to create a widespread basis for self-service analytics.

Currently, the main Qlik reports generated by DCH are for sales, marketing, inventory and credit control. A daily sales and inventory analysis that used to take half a day to compile is now instantly generated automatically in Qlik. While DCH is currently using historical data to predict future sales and revenue, looking to the future it is investigating the use of Qlik Sense Machine Learning (ML) and Augmented Intelligence (AI) functionality for forecasting.

“Qlik automation helps us categorize information and answer queries more quickly and we are constantly exploring new features that we can adapt for use in the group,” says Tso. “We are interested to attend Qlik seminars and workshops to explore new aspects like ML and AI which will help us predict the future. Making these predictions will help us increase sales and provide management with all the information it needs to make informed business decisions. “Users may come from finance, sales, marketing or warehousing and they each have their own focus so we have not standarized the return on investment we have achieved with Qlik. However, it does enable everyone to work more efficiently and productively, saving both manpower and costs. Users can analyze valuable data to produce well-focused reports that will deliver useful business intelligence for the DCH FMCG and Pharmaceutical divisions.”


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