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GEP Rayspeed Syntherm SN 0W40 & 5W40 obtained OEM Approval from Mercedes-Benz

We are excited to announce that GEP Rayspeed Syntherm SN 0W40 & 5W40 has obtained OEM approval from Mercedes-Benz for MB-Approval 229.5. The MB-Approval 229.5 specification is specially designed for fuel economy engine oil and longer oil change intervals. MB-Approval 229.5 has special and stricter requirements than ACEA A3/B3.

GEP Rayspeed Syntherm SN 0W40 & 5W40 are advanced fully synthetic gasoline engine oil which is specially formulated using GEP’s unique technology. With our GEP’s innovative technology, GEP Rayspeed Syntherm delivers outstanding engine protection and exceptional engine performance even under the most extreme environments and driving conditions. Independent testing has proven GEP Rayspeed Syntherm not only has outstanding engine protection and performance, it also provide excellent cleansing and fuel saving.

GEP Rayspeed Syntherm SN 0W40 & 5W40 provides:
- Comprehensive performance, meeting many OEM requirements
- Exceptional protection against engine wear and harmful sludge
- Reduce fuel consumption
- Many more..
Our products are engineered to deliver best engine protection and designed to withstand and meet challenging demands in harsh environments. For a long-lasting and trouble-free operation, we recommend you to use our GEP Rayspeed Syntherm!
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