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GEP Synogear Super CKT has been approved by Siemens Germany for global usage in Flender gearboxes!

We are pleased to announce that our product, GEP Synogear Super CKT, has been approved by Siemens for use in Flender gearboxes!This is a major milestone for Lubritech Industrial lubricants as GEP gear oil is now approved for usage in Flender gearboxes worldwide.

Our fully synthetic GEP Synogear Super CKT is a high performance gear oil that meets and exceeds all key industry standards. It has been specially formulated using Poly-Alpha-Olefin (PAO) and high performance additives. Backed by our research, GEP Synogear Super CKT is suitable for gearboxes operating under harsh environments, in high temperature, under extreme pressure, or with heavy loads. Besides, its oxidation resistance enables extended oil life up to 4 times to conventional mineral gear lubricants. In addition to the above benefits, GEP Synogear Super CKT also has good seal compatibility and outstanding shear stability compared to our competitors.
GEP Synogear Super CKT benefits include:
- Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
- Exceptional protection against rust and corrosion;
- Superior air and water characteristics, reduce the possibility of wear and tear due to lack of lubrication film;
- Many more..
Our products are engineered to deliver best equipment protection and designed to withstand and meet challenging demands in harsh environments. For a long-lasting and trouble-free operation, we recommend you to use our GEP Synogear Super CKT!
For more information about GEP Synogear Super CKT, please visit: http://www.lubritech-int.com/products-detail.php?ProId=49